Thursday, January 29, 2009

More Pictures from Sweden!

I had a surprise in my e-mail today. Son Number Two sent some more pictures of Grand daughter Number One! Of course I have to share them!

That sorta made our day. We had several things to add to our prayerlist today. Acouple of our friends had surgery over the last two days. We are praying for their speedy recovery. Also, we had a number of personal, family issues we prayed over. V has suggested we start a prayer session together. I think that is a real good idea.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A day started right

One of the things I am trying to do better than I have been doing is strengthen my personal prayer time. This morning after dropping Bren off at G'vl Tec I went up to the FBTR and made some serious use of the prayer room. Just me in the small room talking out loud to God. Its the talking out loud that is hard for me to do. I mean, I don't have a problem praying out loud in public, far from it, it's just doing it "by myself" that is difficult. I know God is there, but I've normally just done silent prayer in that case. I think to grow more I am going to have to speak out loud. Maybe by going to the church I can feel freer to do that. At any rate, I felt GOOD after that. I'm looking forward to doing it again tomorrow. I made it for 45 minutes today. It seems there was a lot to say. If any readers have prayer requests, drop me a line and I will add them to my own list.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reminders from God

"So often people cry out for some blessing, but hold so tight to some earth-treasure that they have no hand to receive Mine as I hold it out in Love." This is a quote from a Google Widget I have on my Google start page. The widget is called Reminders from God. I think this one is very true. I've been very guilty of this one myself. I've been reading lately in a book by T.D. Jakes called "Loose that Man and Let Him Go." A most excellent book describing why a lot of men today, myself included, act the way they do. It also gives some excellent advice on moving beyond the place where we find ourselves and being the best men we can be. I HIGHLY recommend this to all men. Women, find it, and insist your man read it. It will do you both good.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Nothing extraordinary about today

I've spent most of today catching up on different pieces of personal and family business. I did get a break for a little while to chat with my daughter in law in Sweden. Her Dad had come down from Stockholm and was busily spoiling our grandchild! It was fun chating via facebook across the Atlantic to Sweden. According to all reports Miss Miranda is growing cuter every day, and is now following a schedule , somewhat, so Mom and Dad are actually getting a bit more sleep.

Tommorrow will be interesting. I have to have Bren to court for a traffic violation. An alledged hit & run on her part. I know darn well the girl who phoned in as she was driving was just trying to get Bren in trouble. We are pleading not guilty, of course. I hope we get this taken care of right away.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fully licensed again

After about six months of absence, I have returned to being involved with Primerica. I am once again licensed for Life Insurance, Lending, and P&C. The people I associate with there are very uplifting so it helps get my spirits up by going there. And we DO offer a good service!

Thank goodness it warmed up some today. I have been so cold in the mornings. Looks like we will get a little relief before it gets cool again. And our dogs were glad to get to spend some quality time in the sunshine today. They told me so themselves!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Concert in Fountain Inn

Bren and I had a good time last night in Fountain Inn. The Foothills Philharmonic had their January concert at the Fountain Inn Civic Center. It was a step back in time going in to the auditorium, which is the circa 1929 Fountain Inn High School auditorium. It is laid out almost identically with the old Parker High auditorium. I knew where everything was! It was so strange. And this fall they will be having Merith Wilson's "The Music Man" performed. I've got to go see it! It will be my senior year at PHS all over again.
The concert was preceded by a "By Invitation Only" Supper at the home of D & V! We haven't been together since before Christmas so we had a lot to talk about! In honor of my elderly sister's birthday D & V fixed her traditional Chicken and Dumplings. Guess what? The magic supper worked its spell for us because we had snow this morning!!! If CLB had been there for the supper we would probably have been snowed in!

The concert itself was very good. Two numbers by Bren's favorite composer, Mozart, and then a n excellent rendering of Peter and the Wolf. The only problem with the last piece was that I couldn't get the darn theme to PATW to stop playing in my brain! It was so hard getting to sleep last night, and it was still going part of this morning! dum dum da dum dum dum........

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Getting back to posting!

I haven't posted anything lately, partly because of a terrible cold, and partly because of depression. Today I have decided it is time to take charge of my life again and kick this thing!

I got B off to her classes today and then went to two different banks to make deposits. Then I went over to Long Forest Drive to "strike the keys," and pick up some collards that the Sarge said he had for us. I spent a little time there, but my darn throat won't let me talk at the volume he needs when he doesn't wear his hearing aids, which is most of the time!
I am praying that I will get a call from the music committee at C----1st. I interviewed with them for a permanent part-time position as Minister of Music. It appears to be a really good church, and I think I could do some good work there. It would be sad leaving TR1st, but I think Wendell and I could combine the two choirs for some good presentations. I really miss planning worship experiences, and would certainly welcome the chance to get back in the saddle.

Friday, January 2, 2009

What a trip!

What a trip we just completed! We set out on time on December 20th for Christmas in Sweden. We had to go to Rock Hill SC to drop off our truck at my sister's home and then she was to take us to Charlotte NC's Douglas International Airport to catch our flight at 3:00 to Newark NJ. We got there in plenty of time for an international flight, but then bad weather in Newark caused our flight to be cancelled! We had to scramble to get a flight. We got our luggage checked and caught the next flight out on US Airways, but it didn't arrive in Newark in time for us to make the connection to Air France's flight to Paris! We had to go through several RUDE people before we got an agent to help us. We were then booked on a Continental Airlines flight to Paris and on to Copenhagen. We were seated at the rear of the plane, three hours later than expected, but at least we got underway! Arriving at Paris, we rushed through security to get checked in to Copenhagen, and wouldn't you know it, that was on the other end of the airport! More stress!

To make a long story short, we finally arrived at Copenhagen, just a twenty minute train trip from our destination of Malmo Sweden, but when we went to get our luggage, guess what!?!?!

Our baggage was still in Newark! Air France didn't forward it! We filled out a claim form and left for Malmo with the clothes on our backs and my carry on bag. All of our warm clothes for the Swedish winter were missing along with the presents we brought! We arrived in Malmo around 4:30 PM and Mark had been waiting at the train station for five hours for us! Our cell phones didn't work in Sweden and we had no way to contact him until we got there. I hope we never go through that again! Our luggage finally arrived December 26th and had to be delivered to us in Stockholm! If it hadn't been for the following it would have been the worst trip ever!